June 28-30, 2011, Leipzig, Germany

Information and Communication in modern elite sport – progress, trends, challenges


June 28, 2011

Morning session
  • The success story of the JISS Video Monitoring Archives SMART - C. Miyaji (JISS Tokyo)
  • Olympic broadcasting material for the purpose of performance analysis and performance enhancement
Afternoon Session
  • Sport scientific information services for coaches and scientists in Chinese elite sport - L. Gu (China Sport Information Centre Beijing)
  • The basic approach in the development of push services for coaches and scientists in elite sport – challenges and peculiarities in elite sport - H. Sandner (Inst. Applied Training Science Leipzig)
  • The learning platform of the Coaches’ Academy of the German Olympic Sport Federation for its students - C. Dolch (Coaches Academy Cologne)

June 29, 2011

Morning session
  • The German virtual library sport science – State of development and lessons learned for an international virtual library – basic approach, content, cooperation and technology - J. Schiffer/F. Seiffert (Central Library of Sport Science Cologne)
  • Discussion forum on the conditions for the creation of an international virtual library of sport science within IASI
Afternoon Session
  • Creating a sport library in the Arab region – chances, problems, challenges - A. Amendt (Sport Library Doha)
  • The Wikimedia Project in Australian Sport - K. Lyons (University of Canberra)

June 30, 2011

Morning session
  • Tour of the Institute for Applied Training Science
  • Open discussion forum: The future of international cooperation in information, documentation and communication in elite sport (research) – content, procedures, governance, partners
  • Preparation of IASI’s Leipzig consensus statement on the needs, challenges, chances and prospects of information and communication services for coaches and researchers in elite sport


  1. Gavin Reynolds (Australian Institute of Sport Canberra)
  2. Keith Lyons (University of Canberra)
  3. Chikara Miyaji (Japan Institute of Sport Science Tokyo)
  4. Jun Kubota (Multi Support Project Tokyo)
  5. Yuki Nakayama (Japan Institute of Sport Science Tokyo)
  6. Ma Tie (China Sports Interactive Beijing)
  7. Li Guihua (China Sport Information Centre Beijing)
  8. Zhao Li (China Sport Information Centre Beijing)
  9. Christoph Dolch (Coaches Academy Cologne)
  10. Andreas Amendt (Library of the Qatar Olympic & Sport Museum Doha)
  11. Jürgen Schiffer (German Sport University Cologne)
  12. Riku Valleala (Research Institute for Olympic Sports Jyväskylä)
  13. Andrew Logan (British Swimming Loughborough)
  14. Frederic Dambier (INSEP Paris)
  15. Jean-Claude Vollmer (INSEP Paris)
  16. Alan Olive (UK Sport London)
  17. Britta Ufer (German Olympic Sport Confederation Frankfurt/Main)
  18. Hartmut Sandner (Institute for Applied Training Science Leipzig)
  19. Roland Regner (Institute for Applied Training Science Leipzig)
  20. Birgit Franz(Institute for Applied Training Science Leipzig)
  21. Barbara Kühn (Institute for Applied Training Science Leipzig)
  22. Axel Brüning (Institute for Applied Training Science Leipzig)
  23. Dr. Carl Mueller-Platz (Federal Institute of Sport Science, Bonn) (TBC)

Participants contact information (DOC word icon - 40.0 KB)

IASI 2011 Leipzig


Address: Institut für Angewandte Trainingswissenschaft, Fachbereich Information Kommunikation Sport, Marschnerstr. 29, 04109 Leipzig - www.sport-iat.de
Contacts: Dr. Hartmut Sandner

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