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Part H: IASI Funding
Cfr Minutes of the ExCo meetings

  1. The business rules related to the Criteria for Project Approval by IASI have been approved by the Executive Committee in May 1994 in Canberra and modified by the ExCo meetings in Malaga (1995) and Netanya (1996). Any change in these rules must be confirmed by the Executive Committee.

General principles:

  1. (a) The project must be in accordance with the current aims and tasks of the Association.

  2. (b) Priority will be given to projects in this order: IASI ad hoc Working Group, international, regiona/language, national, local. Joint projects might be accepted.

  3. (c) Project proposals must be submitted by members and non-members must have a member sponsor.

  4. (d) The project must be feasible, proposals will clearly describe, in detail, the expected outcomes, timetable and projected costs.

Process to be followed:

  1. (1) The Presidium will examine all the proposals and inform the Executive Comminee during the first session.

  2. (2) The Executive Comminee will decide which projects to fund with a majority vote during it's annual meeting.

  3. (3) Written progress reports on the development of the projects should be prepared and presented at each Executive Comminee meeting.

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