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Minutes of the IASI Annual Meeting, Havana, Cuba, March 18-22, 2003

Part 1
IASI meetings in Havana: Schedule
Seminar on Advanced Technologies Applied to Sports Information Centers
Minutes of the Executive Committee
Part 2
Appendix 01 - List of participants
Appendix 02 - Annotated Agenda of the Executive committee
Appendix 03 - Report from the President
Appendix 04 - Report from the Executive Secretary
Appendix 05 - Report from the Treasurer
Appendix 06 - Report from the Publications Officer
Appendix 07 - Report from the Auditors
Appendix 08 - Financial Balance on February 19th 2002
Appendix 09 - Report from the Vice-President of North America
Appendix 10 - Report from the Vice-President of Asia
Appendix 11 - Report from the Vice-President of Europe
Appendix 12 - Report from the Vice-President of Oceania
Appendix 13 - Report from Brazil and Lusofonia
Part 3
Appendix 14 - Set of proposals from the Open Forum
Appendix 15 - Report from the AdWg Members survey
Appendix 16 - Report from the AdWg IASI website
Appendix 17 - Report from the AdWg Disseminating Sports and PE Test Information
Appendix 18 - Report from the AdWg IASI 2005 World Congress
Appendix 19 - IASI 2005 World Congress- First Announcement
Appendix 20 - Report from the AdWg Operational Guidelines for IASI Vice-Presidents
Appendix 21 - The European COMPASS Project
Appendix 22 - Minority Report on Access to Sports Sciences Tests
Appendix 23 - IASI working program 2003-2004
Appendix 24 - IASI Budget for 2002-2003
Appendix 25 - Proposal for the next ExCo 2004 in Lisbon

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