Membership Application Form

Become a member of IASI by filling out the form below and remitting the appropriate membership fee. IASI welcomes new members and offers five kinds of memberships (US$):

  • Institutional - $75
    For associations, organizations, institutes, libraries and schools.
  • Personal - $50
    For individuals.
  • Sponsored
    For institutions or individuals, where their membership fees are paid by another member.
    • Sponsored Institutional Member - $75
    • Sponsored Personal Member - $50
  • Patron
    For an institution/organization or person who is interested in supporting the work of IASI. A Membership fee at least double that of the basic personal or institutional membership is required.
    • Patron Institutional Member - $150
    • Patron Personal Member - $100
  • Honorary Members
    Conferred by vote of Executive Committee.
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