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No 11, March 1998

Table of Contents

* IASI Editorial * IASI Meets in Hong Kong
* Sydney Olympics Research & Information Centre Named * Sport Structures of Europe New Edition
* North American Information Update * Official Reports of Atlanta & Los Angeles Olympics
* New UK Institute of Sport * SportDiscus Update
* SPOWIS & SPOLIT Database Availability * People in Sport Information
* The English/French/Japanese Lexicon of Olympic Sports * French Sport Thesaurus
* Weightlifting CD-ROM * Internet News


IASI is a non-profit making organisation whose aim is to stimulate, support and develop activities in the field of international documentation and information for physical education and sport. It brings together a world-wide network of scientists, documentalists, librarians, information experts and managers of sports information and documentation centres.

In order to reflect worldwide developments in sport information the editor of the newsletter welcomes contributions from all countries in all languages.

For contributions to the IASI Newsletter contact:
Nerida Clarke
Information Services Australian Sports Commission
PO Box 176
Belconnen ACT 2616 Australia
Fax: (+61) 2 62141681

IASI Secretary now on the Internet contact:


IASI is pleased to be holding its Annual Meeting in Hong Kong hosted by the Hong Kong Sports Institute at Shatin from 31 March to 5 April 1998. This will be the second time that IASI has met in Asia the previous time being in Beijing in 1991.

Mr Li Tak Nang has organised an excellent program for IASI which includes a sport information seminar for representatives of Asian countries attending the meeting.


The Sydney Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (SOCOG) has honoured one of Australia's greatest Olympians by officially opening the Murray Rose Sydney 2000 Olympic Information Centre.

The Centre - the Research and Information library within Sydney 2000 Olympic Headquarters - was officially opened by SOCOG Chief Executive Officer, Sandy Hollway on the eve of the 1000 Day Countdown to the Opening Ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

In officially opening the Murray Rose Sydney 2000 Olympic Information Centre, Mr Hollway paid tribute to the legendary Australian swimmer. "Murray Rose is one of Australia's all-time sporting heroes - and a man of great knowledge and wisdom. So it seems only appropriate that SOCOG's resource library be named after him," Mr Hollway said. "SOCOG is very proud of our library. It's one of the largest Olympic libraries in the world and, having been established since 1991, features all the Sydney Bid documentation and SOCOG and Paralympic Games information since their inception. It includes every Post-Games Report since the first of the Modern Olympic Games in 1896. We can also boast that the oldest original Post-Games report held in our collection is the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games report, one of only three in Australia."

Speaking about having the Sydney 2000 Olympic library named after him, Olympic legend Murray Rose said he was both surprised and honoured. "I am a little surprised because I never thought of myself as being particularly studious when I was at school," he said. But the thirst for information such as that held in this library is a reflection of the current information superhighway and if there is one subject that I can claim to have a knowledge and expertise in, it is certainly the Olympic Games and Olympism. So, I was flattered when SOCOG approached me and asked me if they could name their library in my honour.

"It is very important that collections of Olympic history and knowledge such as this are maintained and are accessible," Murray added.

The Murray Rose Sydney 2000 Olympic Information Centre will essentially serve SOCOG and Paralympic Games staff as well as providing a library resource for SOCOG sponsors. The Australian public will also benefit from the centre through the Sydney Olympic Library Network initiated by SOCOG's Communications and Community Relations Division.

"We are delighted that the community will have access to the information held in the Murray Rose Sydney 2000 Olympic Information Centre through the Sydney Olympic Library Network.. The Network includes major public libraries in other parts of the country and overseas,' said General Manager, Communications and Community Relations, Ms Glen-Marie Frost. We have already held preliminary discussions with councils in areas with Olympic venues throughout Sydney to begin an exchange of information so that students and the general public can access their local libraries for both Olympic and Paralympic historical facts, statistics and information."

The Murray Rose Sydney 2000 Olympic Information Centre holds and actively collects all Olympic International Sporting Federation rules and regulations, newsletters, handbooks and media releases, all 2000 and 2004 Bid City Documents presented to the IOC and a substantial amount of Atlanta Olympic Games intellectual property and Post-Games reports for SOCOG's planning purposes.

Libraries already part of the Olympic Library Network with access to the Murray Rose Sydney 2000 Olympic Information Centre include:

  • State Library of New South Wales, Sydney
  • National Library of Australia, Canberra
  • New South Wales Parliamentary Library, Sydney
  • National Sport Information Centre, Canberra
  • Sydney City Librar
  • Tourism New South Wales Information Resource Centre
  • Olympic Co-ordination Authority Library, Homebush

Overseas libraries include:

  • IOC Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Paul Ziffren Sports Resource Centre, Los Angeles, USA
  • Nagano Organising Committee for the XVIII Olympic Winter Games, Nagano, Japan
  • Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games, Atlanta, USA
  • Fundacio Barcelona Olimpica (Barcelona Olympic Museum), Barcelona, Spain

These libraries hold:

  • Sydney 2000 Candidature files

  • KPMG Economic Impact Study on the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

  • Sydney 2000 technical proposals
  • Sydney 2000 Infosheets
  • Sydney 2000 Environmental Guidelines
  • Sample Sydney 2000 Bid Publications.

Craig Boaden
Program Manager, Research & Information
Sydney Organising Committee for the Olypmic Games (SOCOG)
GPO Box 2000
Tel: + 61 2 9297 2385
Fax: + 61 2 9297 2828


Sports Structures in Europe -- Situation in the countries of the Committee for the Development of Sport of the Council of Europe.

Remans, Albert; Delforge, Marilyn, et. al. 4th revised edition, Brussels, Autumn 1997
ISBN 90-803941-1-4 (English version)
ISBN 90-803941-2-2 (French version)
Price per copy: 5,000 BEF
Three copies or more: 4,000 BEF
SPRINT countries : 3.000-BEF

The New Manual "Sports Structures in Europe" describes the situation of sport in more than 4O countries of the Committee for the Development of Sport of the Council of Europe.

This major reference work contains basic information on the way sport is organised in the single European countries. Each chapter is devoted to one country and includes information on the general concept of sport, the sport legislation, the governmental and non-governmental sport structures, sport at school and a number of practical references.

The aim of the Manual is to help users acquire a better insight into the sports structures of the European countries. The Manual provides readers with relevant and up-to-date information in an easy-to-read format.

The Manual can be ordered:
By fax: (+32.2.413.28.90)

By mail from:
Sports Information Service (Council of Europe)
Sport for All Clearing House (Council Of Europe)
Espace 27 Septembre (4C 124) (Boulevard Léopold II, 44 (B - 1080 Brussels)
Tel: +32.2.413.28.91/92/93
Fax: +32.2.413.28.90
Bank Accounts: CGER-ASLK: 001-1044980-75 (Générale de Banque: 210-0077798-56)


Extracted for the North American Sport Library Network edited by IASI Vice President for North America, Gretchen Ghent.

The 6th Conference of NASLIN was held in October 1997 in the attractive facilities of the Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles and marvelous Southern California weather provided a splendid atmosphere for the assembled conference participants at the 6th Conference of NASLIN.

The conference talks focused on technological innovations, services on the Internet and sport-related research. The program also included a tour of the Paul Ziffren Sports Resource Center (AAFLA library) and the Sports Department of the Los Angeles Public Library.

Speakers at the conference were: Dr.Robert Edelman (UCLA), Debra Hannah (Photo Researcher), Matthew Schoen (Allsport Photography USA), Karen Goddy (AAFLA), Richard Lipsey (SGRnet), Jim Meier (The Sporting News), Steve Gietschier (The Sporting News), Graham Smith (Sportcal, UK), Nancy Banks (SIRC), Gilles Chiasson (SIRC), Dr. Donald Guthrie (UCLA) and David Wallechinsky (Olympic Author).

For the first time the Notes from the 6th Conference have been compiled and are available on the NASLIN website which is maintained by the SIRC in Ottawa (http://www.sportquest.com/naslin/). View the site to read these proceedings from our conference. Contact addresses for the speakers are included along with other pertinent details in order that readers may follow up on particular topics or technological initiatives.

NASLIN Steering Committee 1997-1999

Two founding members of NASLIN, Wayne Wilson, AAFLA and Cindy Slater, USOC Library, resigned from the NASLIN

Steering Committee. They will be missed by all for they contributed thoughtful leadership and fellowship over the past 8 years. The Steering Committee re-elected Gretchen Ghent as Chair and elected three new Steering Committee members (indicated by *). The following persons constitute the 1997-1999 Steering Committee:

Steve Gietschier, The Sporting News - NASLIN Treasurer Dave Kelly, Library of Congress , Jan Todd, University of Texas, James Gates, National Baseball Hall of Fame, Cindy Romaine, Nike Inc, .*Linda Wheeler, Sport Information Resource Centre, *Henriette Heiny, Microform Publications, Univ. of Oregon, *Shirley Ito, Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles.

The NASLINE Newsletter

At the Steering Committe meeting held in Los Angeles, October it was decided that the NASLINE Newsletter would only be published in an online version only and archived on the Sport Information Resource Centre web site: http://www.sportquest.com/naslin/

This website now has full text of Issues no. 5, May 1995 to date.


The three volume Official Report of the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympic Games is now available. (ISBN 1-56145-150-9 set)

The Report is published by:
Peachtree Publishers
494 Armour Circle NE
Atlanta GA 30324

The Los Angeles Amateur Athletic Foundation have advised that they have made the Official Report of the 1932 Summer Olympic Games available on their Internet site at:

As the file for this Report is quite large people wishing to use the file should consult the instructions on the AAFLA web site. The AAFLA also intend to make the full 1994 Report of the LA Summer Olympic Games available online in the near future and also have plans to provide access to their inhouse online catalogue through the Internet.


A UK Institute of Sport is to be established in Sheffield in England. It is likely that as part of the development of the Institute that there will be a library/information service established. We will keep IASI members informed of these developments.


The December 1997 update of SPORTDiscus has been released by SilverPlatter. This update now has more than 500,000 bibliographic references and incorporates several new enhancements:

SPORTDiscus now features over 13,000 URLs to sport-related electronic journals and sport-related web sites. Those subscribing to SPORTDiscus via the Internet will note that these are live, hotlinked to the actual site.

SX field - SPORTDiscus references added in the recent update include a new field: SX - clearly indicating that a copy of the specific document is available through the SIRC SPORTExpress document delivery service. More information about this service can be found on the SIRC web site (http://www.sircexpress.com.

Coverage of Olympic material has been broadened and strengthened by the more than 11,000 references to book, reports and other materials on sport and the Olympic Games held in the library collection of the Olympic Museum, a foundation set up by the International Olympic Committee.

The Spanish-language sport database, ATLANTIS is now on SPORTDiscus.

ATLANTIS is a complilation of more than 5800 references to sport-related docouments and is a cooperative venture of SPORTCOM and its member countries.

HERACLES, the premier French-language sport database now contains more than 71,000 bibliographic references.

If you have not yet received your update, please contact your SilverPlatter representative. Questions about the latest enhancements can be directed to Linda Wheeler at SIRC ().


Since 1994 the company Czwalina in Germany has been on the CD-ROM-market with the CD-ROM Sportwissenschaft ISSN 0941-6633

Database SPOWIS (concluded) and since 1990 has produced the Database SPOLIT (annual update) ISSN 0941-6633


This CD-ROM carries the sports literature database SPOWIS of the Institute for Applied Training Science (IAT) in Leipzig, Germany (successor institution of the Research Institute for Physical Culture, the FKS of the former GDR). The database, which has been concluded currently, gives access to more than 120,000 records; many documents of which can be retrieved for the first time.

SPOWIS on CD-ROM covers all areas of sport and sport science concentrating mainly on the field of applied and practical training theory and focusing the results of sport-science research of the former GDR: About 8,000 research and development reports and all articles from the most important journal of the East German sport system, 'Theory and Practice in Elite Sports', are recorded in SPOWIS and can be retrieved. All records are listed with name of author, complete title, source and descriptors; the vast majority of records from 1990 onwards are llisted with abstracts. Copies of all primary sources listed in SPOWIS - including hard-to-access literature from East European countries are readily available via the microfiche archive of the IAT.

SPOWIS on CD-ROM provides CD Answer (DOS); the retrieval software from Dataware Technologies, which allows data retrieval by using the name of authors, descriptors from an alphabetical list, title, document type etc. Complex search strategies combining several terms and various search fields allow limitations on items such as place and year of publication or language. All records chosen can be sorted or selected using various options before being printed or exported. All help and message texts, the search and display command menu can be installed in English and German.

Single version:DM 1,200.00
Network version (1-10 Simultaneous Users) DM 1,200.00 OM 800,00
Single version (SPOLIT subscriber)
DM 800.00
Network version (SPOLIT subscriber) DM 800.00
Documentation SPOWIS/SPOLIT (in German) DM 15.00


This data base contains the literature of the Federal Institute of Sport Science in Cologne Germany. It contains about 110,000 records currently and about 45% of these are in English. SPOLIT on CD-ROM covers all areas of sport and sport science. More than 500 periodicals and 700 books and conference proceedings are regularly evaluated and indexed each year. About 6,000 entries are added to the data base each year.

All records in SPOLIT on CD-ROM are listed with name of author, complete title, source, controlled terms (descriptors) and abstracts. The retrieval software is CD Answer &, provided by Dataware Technologies (platforms DOS or WINDOWS).

Data retrieval can be done by using the name of author, descriptors from an alphabetic list, uncontrolled terms language, place and year of publication,publisher, ISBN etc.

With edition 1997 two new databases, SPOFOR (research projects in sport science) and SPOMEDIA (media in sport science), are featured on the CD-ROM.

All help and message texts, the search and display command menu can be installed in English, French, Spanish or German. A German documentation manual including special search strategies for SPOLIT on CD-ROM can be ordered separately. A 2 volume dictionary (German-English, English-German) of all SPOLIT descriptors is available from Verlag Karl Hofmann (Schondorf).

Single version (3 year subscription) DM 800.00 per annum
Single Version DM 1,200.00 per annum
Network Version (1-10 simultaneous users) DM 1,200.00 per annum
Documentation SPOLIT/SPOWIS (in German) DM 15.00

For more information on these CDs contact:
Edition Czwalina at Feldhaus Verlag
Postfach 73-02-40 D-22122
Hamburg Germany
Telephone: (040) 6794300
Fax: (040) 67943030


The IASI Vice President for Europe Mr Alain Poncet has advised that a list of European people, services and sites involved in sport information is now up to date and available from:

INSEP Services d'Information et de Documentation
11 avenue du Tremblay 75012 Paris France.
Telephone: +33 1 43 744119
Fax: +33 1 48 081960


Following on from the lexicon produced for the Olympic Games in Atlanta this document produced by the Institut National du Sport et de L'Education Physique in France on behalf of the IOC deals with 4000 terms in all of the sports of the Winter Olympic Games.

These two documents now present a wealth of terminological information for all people concerned with the Olympic Games.

For more information on these documents contact:
INSEP Services des Publications 11 avenue du Tremblay 75012 Paris France.
Telephone: +33 1 43 744119
Fax: +33 1 48 081960


The second edition of the Heracles Thesausus is now available. The new edition has about 6000 terms used for the indexing of material and for searching the HERACLES database which is the French speaking bibliographic database for sport available on the CD-ROM SPORTDISCUS and now available on the Internet (see Internet section of Newsletter).

The thesaurus is the result of the work of the Commission of Terminology of the SPORTDOC Association which is the French speaking association for sport information.


A CD-ROM entitled the International Weightlifting Multimedia Database Olympic Weightlifting 1990-1996 highlights has been released. This CD contains statistical results of the Olympic Games, World Championships (men, women and juniors) and contains biomechanical analysis of world and Olympic champions. The CD is available for Windows 95 and a demonstration version of the database can be seen on the Internet at:


For more detail contact:

IWDM Geschaftsstelle BVDG - Badener Platz 6 D69181 Leimen Germany
Fax +6224 975 114.



The Sydney Olympics Internet site has been updated with a new image check it out at: (www.sydney.olympic.org).

The redesigned and upgraded Internet site, which has been in existence for two years, is a joint venture with Team Millennium

Olympic Partner, IBM, has been enhanced as part of the first step in what will be a total relaunch of the site later this year. Atlanta's home page received over 180 million hits during the 1996 Olympic Games.so the expectation is that the demand will be even greater for Sydney.

The new site contains detailed information on all Sydney 2000 sports, the commitment to the environment, the Paralympic Games, the Olympic Arts Festivals, education and all of SOCOG's media releases will be available, providing the international media and public with the latest information.


The International Olympic Committee has relaunched its site with updated information at: (www.olympic.org)

NAGANO WINTER OLYMPICS Many of you will have used the Nagano Winter Olympics Internet site which according to press reports received more than 600 million "hits" over the 16 days of the games - three times more than were received in Atlanta 18 months earlier.


A new site is available which is offering a wealth of information about sport in the European Union. The address for the site is: http://europa.eu.int/comm/dg10/sport/


The French database Heracles is now available on the Internet with the easy to use assistant searching software (LOGOTEL).

The address for the database is: http:www.unicaen.fr/mrsh/SPORTDOC (SPORTDOC in capitals)


The Australian sporting events calendar has been launched giving full details of events to be held in Australia at the national and state level. The calendar is produced and maintained by the Australian National Sport Information Centre. The calendar can be searched by sport, date, month, state and year.

The address for the calendar is:


Dr Fernando Estivez-Griego Director of the International Virtual Sports Open University has advised that through the Internet address:


There are a number of links to organisations such as Sports Confederation of Argentina, Argentina Olympic Committee and to other South American sites related to sport.


Hosted on the SIRC web site is the 9th issue of the electronic journal (Physical Education and Sports) for professors, sports trainers, scientist applied to the sport and public in general.

The magazine is a public space of free access. Content includes texts of authors of different countries in Spanish, Portuguese and English; comments bibliographies; applied software; a channel of chat. All the previous articles through a thematic index are also available. This digital production is published in Argentina and in Brazil, and relies on collaborators of different countries of the world and is hosted in the server of the Sport Information Resource Center (SIRC) at:



Advertisements can be placed in the IASI Newsletter at a cost of:
US$50.00 for a full A4 page or
US$25.00 for half an A4 page.

Contact the Editor of the Newsletter if you wish to place an advertisement.

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