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3. Membership

3.1 Members

Three categories of membership exist.

3.2. Categories

    3.2.1. Category A: Institutional Members Being generally: national sport information centres, offices and libraries irrespective of their subordination to state organs, coordination to non-governmental sports organizations or affiliation to scientific institutions, or other types of institutions interested in sport information.

    3.2.2. Category B: Personal Members. All persons with an interest in sport information.

    3.2.3. Category C: Honorary Members. The Executive Committee may award to any member who deserves well by his or her work the title of Honorary Member.

3.3. Application for membership

Application for membership shall require:

  • to recognize the IASI Statutes and By-laws,
  • to pay the annual membership fees, and
  • the willingness to contribute to IASI's activities by their knowledge and experience and to actively transfer IASI's working results in their member countries or institutions.

3.4. Number of votes

    3.4.1. Each Category A member shall have three votes in the working organs of the Association provided the annual membership fee of that year has been paid.

    3.4.2. Each Category B member shall have one vote in the working organs of the Association provided the annual membership fee of that member has been paid.

    3.4.3. Honorary Members will be invited to the meetings and shall have one vote.

    3.4.4. The Association shall strive to govern its affairs by consensus rather than by plurality vote whenever feasible. Otherwise questions and motions shall be decided in public voting by simple majority of those present.

3.5. Cancellation of membership

Membership extinguishes from the date a member has declared a desire to withdraw from IASI or if a member neglects to fulfill the requirements of memberships as described in the Statutes part 3.3.


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