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4. Structure

IASI is structured as follows:

  • the General Assembly
  • the Executive Committee
  • the Presidium
  • the Secretary Treasurer
  • the Open Forum

4.1. General Assembly

4.1.1. The General Assembly shall be composed of Association members and be convened at least every four years.

4.1.2. The General Assembly has the following tasks:

  • to approve and modify the Statutes of the Association;
  • to elect the President;
  • to elect the Members of the Executive Committee;
  • to appoint at least two Auditors at every General Assembly;
  • to arrange elections for the Vice-presidents;
  • to give general directions for the work of the Executive Committee or the working programme of the Association;
  • to receive progress reports;
  • to approve the work of the Presidium and the Executive Committee.

4.1.3. Vacancies

The case of vacancies in the Presidency, the Vice-presidencies, the Secretary Treasurer or of the Members of the Executive Committee, an extraordinary General Assembly shall be empowered to appoint replacement members for the balance of the term. The Presidium shall establish rules of business for any extraordinary General Assembly.

4.2. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall be composed of the President, the six Vice-presidents together with 18 persons elected individually by the General Assembly for a period of four years.

4.2.1. The Executive Committee shall elect the Secretary Treasurer upon proposal of candidate(s) by the President;

4.2.2. The Executive Committee shall meet at least once a year, preferably after a meeting of the Open Forum;

  • it shall establish the working programme of the Association and see to its realization
  • it shall approve the budgets and the Auditor's reports;
  • it shall pass any resolution required for the maintenance of the operational activities of the Association;
  • it shall evaluate the work and the proposals of the Open Forum and decide on which proposals to accept and take concrete steps to accomplish those proposals its approves;
  • it shall approve by-laws.

4.3. Presidium

4.3.1. The Presidium shall consist of the President, the Vice-presidents and the Secretary Treasurer. The President and the Secretary Treasurer shall constitute a Quorum of the Presidium. The Presidium shall look after the affairs of the Association over the periods of time in between Executive Committee sessions. Important decisions affecting the Association must be confirmed by the Executive Committee at its next session.

4.3.2. The tasks of the Presidium include:

  • to prepare the sessions of the General Assembly and of the Executive Committee;
  • to propose general policies to be followed by the Association and to submit them to the Executive Committee and the General Assembly for approval and ensure their realization;
  • to establish a draft working programme for the Association and submit it to the Executive Committee for approval, and to ensure its realization;
  • to develop by-laws.

4.3.3. If circumstances obstruct the Association abiding by its own Statutes, the Presidium must assure the continued operation of the approved working programme.

4.3.4. The Presidium shall meet whenever necessary, but at least once a year.

4.3.5. The Presidium may invite anybody he/she feels useful for the work of IASI in an advisory capacity for special meetings of the Presidium or for meetings of the Executive Committee.

4.4. President and Vice-presidents

4.4.1. The President The President shall be elected or re-elected at every meeting of the General Assembly. The President shall represent the Association in all matters externally and vis-a-vis third parties. He/she may delegate this authority to one of the members of the Presidium for a limited period. The President shall sign, on behalf of the Presidium and together with a member of the Presidium, any important contracts and agreements affecting the Association.

4.4.2. The Vice-presidents A Vice-president can be elected from each of the following six regions:

    - Africa
    - Asia
    - Europe
    - Latin America
    - North America
    - Oceania Each Vice-president shall be elected by the paid members in each region in a way acceptable to the Presidium. The Vice-presidents shall represent the Association in their respective region and promote the work of the Association .

4.5. The Secretary Treasurer

4.5.1. The Secretary Treasurer shall be responsible for the administrative and economic aspects, i.e. for the budget and bookkeeping of the Association. He/she shall head the secretariat and coordinate the work of the Association. He/she shall look after the financial matters.

4.5.2. The Secretary Treasurer

  • shall control the financial situation of the Association in accordance with the approved budget;
  • shall arrange the invitations for the meetings of the Presidium, Executive Committee, Open Forum and General Assembly;
  • shall prepare the agendas, working documents, and the minutes; and distribute these to all members; - shall have a seat and a vote in the Presidium;
  • shall guarantee the distribution of regular IASI publications; - shall conduct public relations work;
  • shall each year prepare a financial report to the Executive Committee regarding all financial matters since the last ExCo meeting;
  • shall each year prepare and table a budget plan for discussion and approval by the Executive Committee.

4.6. The Open Forum

In order to be responsive to the changing needs of the sport and fitness information community, the Presidium Association shall arrange to be held once a year, a meeting of IASI Members together with others who have an interest in sports information and information industry experts. The Open Forum will decide its own chairperson and its own mode of operation. The Open Forum shall strive to decide all its proposals by consensus. The result of a Open Forum will be a set of proposals addressed to the Executive Committee for action.

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