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Part B: Executive Committee, business rules
Cfr IASI-Statutes articles 4.2., 6.2. and 6.3. 4.3

  1. The Executive Committee (ExCo) is composed of the President, the six Vice-presidents and 18 persons elected individually by the General Assembly for a period of four years.

  2. The Executive Committee elects the Secretary Treasurer for a period of four years on proposal(s) of the elected President.

  3. If the Secretary Treasurer is not an elected member of the ExCo, he/she obtains automatically the right to attend all the meetings of the ExCo whatever the nature of the agenda might be. In this case the Secretary Treasurer has no voting right.

  4. The meeting of the ExCo has a non-public nature but the president has the right to allow observers.

  5. On request of the chairman, or at least three ExCo members, parts (or whole) of the agenda can be handled behind closed doors, not allowing any observer with the exception of the Secretary Treasurer.

  6. The ExCo meets at least once a year with sessions before and after the IASI Open Forum.

  7. The Secretary Treasurer will prepare the invitation, to be mailed through the services of the local institution organising the meeting. The invitation and the draR agenda mum be mailed at lean two months prior to the meeting.

  8. The president chairs the ExCo meeting. He/she must preside the opening and the closing session. He/she may delegate the chair to other ExCo members for the other sessions of the ExCo.

  9. The agenda for the ExCo meeting mutt include at lean the following points: the follow up of the working programme; approval of the budget and the auditors report; evaluation of the Forum proposals.

  10. All changes to the by-laws require approval of the Executive Committee.

  11. The Executive Committee will appoint for each ad hoc Working Group a chairperson who would be required to report about the work of his/her group to the ExCo.

  12. All ExCo members have the right to submit proposals for the agenda: the final agenda shall be approved at the beginning of the Executive Committee meeting.

  13. Every member shall have the right to comment on any item of the agenda taking into account the framework for the conduct of the general Assembly as formulated by the Chair at the beginning of the meeting.

  14. The ExCo decides only on applications for funding that have been screened by the Presidium. The ExCo decides on the allocation for funding with consensus or simple majority vote.

  15. The Exco may award the title of Honorary Member to any member who deserves well by his or her work.

  16. The Secretary Treasurer prepares the Minutes of the Executive Committee and mails it to all members within three months of the meeting.

  17. Voting in the Executive Committee is based on three votes for each Institutional member and one vote for each Personal Member and Honorary Member. Proxy voting may be used with a written statement of authority. The outcome of voting will be based on simple majority.

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