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Part C: Presidium, business rules
Cfr IASI-Statutes article 4.3

  1. The Presidium consists of the President (chair), Vice-presidents and the Secretary Treasurer.

  2. The President and the Secretary Treasurer constitute a Quorum of the Presidium.

  3. The Presidium meets whenever necessary but at least once a year. The Presidium always meets before, and if necessary after the meeting of the Executive Committee.

  4. The President of the Association has the right to invite persons to attend the Presidium as observers. Such persons have no right to vote.

  5. The Presidium is chaired by the IASI president or in case of absence by the Vice-president of lASI in the region where the meeting is being held.

  6. The main task of the Presidium is the preparation of the GA and the Executive Committee as well as proposals for the general policies and the working programme of the Association.

  7. The Presidium establishes rules of business for any extraordinary General Assembly. The Secretary Treasurer informs all IASI members about these rules, at least four months before the meeting.

  8. The Presidium develops the by-laws to be approved by the Executive Committee.

  9. The Presidium will examine the proposals for IASI funding and inform the Executive Committee during the next meeting of these proposals.

  10. The Presidium must approve the acceptance of all donations.

  11. Voting in the Presidium is based on one vote for each Member of the Presidium. Proxy voting may be used with a written statement of authority. The outcome of voting will be based on simple majority.

  12. In case there are two candidates for the Presidency (and/or the Secretary treasurer) and the vote is tied, the Presidium will elect the new President (and/or Secretary Treasurer) by simple majority. If a member of the Presidium is one of the two candidates, he/she shall not participate at the voting.

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