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Part D: Open Forum, business rules
Cfr IASI-Statutes article 4.6

  1. The meetings of the Open Forum are open to everybody.

  2. The Open Forum meets once a year, always combined with sessions of other IASI meetings such as the General Assembly, the Executive Committee, etc.

  3. The organizers of the annual meeting including the Open Forum should appoint a discussion leader and prepare items for discussion at least four months prior to the Annual meetings.

  4. The Secretary Treasurer prepares the invitiation for the Open Forum which will be mailed through the services of the local institution organising the Forum. The invitation must be mailed to all the IASI members at least two months before the meeting. The local organizers and other IASI Members may send the invitation to anybody they wish.

  5. The President of the Association introduces the Forum whereafter the discussion leader chairs the Open Forum.

  6. The Open Forum decides upon its own Recorder. The Recorder must prepare a set of proposals at the conclusion of the Forum to be addressed at the next executive Committee session.

  7. In order to prepare the discussions within the Open Forum, the Presidium and/or the Executive Committee will propose a draR agenda for the Forum respecting the exclusive right of the Open Forum to decide its own agenda.

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