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Part E: Specific responsibilities within the Association
Cfr IASI-Statutes article 4.4 and 4.5

Concerning the President:

  1. The President is (reselected at every meeting of the General Assembly. Hisher term covers in principle a period of four years.

  2. His/her rights and duties are defined in Article 4.5.2. of the Statutes. He/she represents the Association at all occasions; he/she may delegate this authority to one of the members of the Presidium. The president signs together with another member of the Presidium, any agreement affecting the Association.

  3. The President shall call for a meeting of the Presidium or the Bureau the Presidium whenever he/she thinks it is necessary for the operating of the Association.

  4. The President chairs the meetings of the Presidium, the General Assembly and the Executive Committee and reports on the period since the last meeting. He/she introduces the meeting of the Open Forum.

  5. In case of a tie in the voting, the president shall have the casting vote.

Concerning the Vice-presidents:

  1. The Vice-presidents are elected by the paid Members of the respective regions.

  2. The Vice-presidents represent the Association in the region and promote the work of the Association.

  3. The Vice-presidents may be nominated by the President to represent him/her for particular matters related to the Association.

  4. The Vice-president prepares a report on the developments in the region for each meeting of the Executive Committee and the General Assembly.

  5. The Vice-presidents should formulate suggestions or proposals for sports information development work in the area.

Concerning the Secretary Treasurer:

  1. The Secretary Treasurer is elected by the Executive Committee upon proposal of the President for a period of four years.

  2. The Secretary Treasurer is responsible for the administrative and economic aspects of the Association. He takes care of the budget and the bookkeeping of the Association.

  3. The Secretary Treasurer manages and coordinates the work of the association. His/her tasks are defined in article 4.5.2. of the Statutes.

  4. The Secretary Treasurer is entitled to settle any expenses connected with the administrative work within the limits of the budget approved by the Executive Committee.

  5. The Secretary Treasurer may only settle other expenses when authorized by the Presidium.

  6. The Secretary Treasurer prepares a detailed financial report for each meeting of the Executive Committee and the General Assembly.

  7. Each fiscal year (I April-31 March) the Secretary Treasurer will make available all financial records as required by the Auditors appointed by the General Assembly.

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