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Part F: IASI Memberships
Cfr IASI-Statutes article 3.

  1. The Association has three categories of members: Institutional, Personal and Honorary members.

  2. All institutions, organizations or persons can apply for an IASI membership given they are willing to respect the LASI Statutes and By-Laws.

  3. Each member has the opportunity to offer a Supporting Membership. to an organization of his/her choice.

  4. A Supporting Membership has the same right as an Institutional Membership. Both Institutional and Supporting Membership should provide the name of the person representing the respective institutions to the Secretary Treasurer.

  5. The IASI member offering a Supporting Membership. can do this in two ways: (a) informing the secretariat about the nominated member or (b) inviting the Presidium to attribute this membership to an appropriate organization.

  6. The Secretariat will send the membership invoices during the first quarter of the calendar year. A membership starts upon receipt of the membership fee and must be renewed every year.

  7. The Executive Committee has the right to change the amount of the membership fee for both the Institutional and Personal Memberships.

  8. There is no membership fee for the Honorary Members. These members have the right to vote (one vote) and will be invited to all IASI meetings, except the Presidium.

  9. The Secretary Treasurer shall prepare and disseminate on a yearly basis the official list of IASI members.

  10. The Secretary Treasurer shall prepare every year a list of withdrawing members and/or members with an unclear status.

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