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Part G: Elections and voting
Cfr IASI-Statutes article 3.4

General principles.

  1. Only IASI Members have the right to participate in the elections and to vote.

  2. The membership category defines the number of votes. Each Institutional Member has three votes in the working organs of the association. A Personal membership and an Honorary membership represents each one vote in the working organs. The list of memberships will be based on membership payment in the course of the last eighteen months.

  3. The Association shall strive to govern its affairs by consensus rather than by vote.

  4. If case of no consensus, voting by secret ballot will take place by simple majority of those present.

  5. In order to give all IASI members the opportunity to vote for the Presidency, the Vice-presidency and the Executive Committee Members, three different ways of putting forward their voters) exist: (a) by amending the meeting, (b) by proxy vote and (c) by postal vote.Any Member of IASI can be a candidate for or propose candidate(s) for the Presidency, the Vice-presidency, and the Executive Committee. Candidates for the Presidency and/or Vice-presidency should come forward with a nomination statement.

Elections and voting in the General Assembly.

  1. The Presidium shall appoint an Election leader for the elections during the General Assembly to coordinate and lead the procedure for the election of the President, vice-president and Executive Committee Members.

  2. The Election Leader shall introduce the candidates, the voting procedure and rules at the beginning of the General Assembly.

  3. In order to implement the elections, the election leader shall invite two IASI members, which will consist together with the Election Leader and the Secretary Treasurer the Commission of Scrutineers.

  4. The Election Leader shall communicate the results of the elections to the General Assembly.

Election of the President.

  1. Candidates for the Presidency should inform the secretariat at least three months prior to the General Assembly. Each candidate must submit a curriculum vitae and a statement containing the major key priorities for the next term of four years.

  2. All IASI members will get, at least one month before the General Assembly a final list with the official candidates for the Presidency. The Secretary Treasurer will mail special voting sheets to all IAS[ members in order to allow them to vote by Post or by Proxy. Only the official voting sheets will be accepted.

  3. If there are two candidates, the candidate with the highest number of votes is elected. In case of a de in the votes, the Presidium will vote on the basis of simple majority.

  4. If there are two or more candidates, voters will be asked to complete a preferential voting sheet, prepared by the Secreatary Treasurer, ranking all candidates.

  5. If there are more than two candidates and one of the candidates achieves the clear majority (more than 50% of the votes cast), he/she is elected.

  6. If there are more than two candidates and no candidate gets the majority (more than 50% of the votes cast), votes will be distributed to the two highest scoring candidates following principles of majority voting.

  7. The Presidency of the Association can not be combined with a Vice-presidency.

Election of The Vice-presidents.

  1. Any IASI Members can be a candidate for the Vice-presidency of his/her region.

  2. The election of the Vice-presidency is a maker for the regional IASI Members and must conform to the general principles of the elections and voting.

  3. The current Vice-president should guarantee all arrangements for the election of the next Vice-president.

  4. The regional LASI members should first strive toward a consensus for the Vice-presidency.

  5. If no consensus is obtained, the regional members vote for the Vice-presidency by simple majority. The Secretary Treasurer prepares at the latest one month before the voting date, the list of regional members with voting right.

  6. In case of a tie, all IASI members present at the General Assembly elect the Vice-president for the region concerned.

Election of the Executive Committee.

  1. All IASI members could be candidate for a seat in the Executive Committee.

  2. The secretariat prepares a voting sheet including all the names of the IASI members and will mail it at least one month prior to the General Assembly.

  3. All IASI members have the right to vote by proxy (with appropriate authority) or by postal vote.

  4. The President and Vice-presidents are de facto members of the Executive Committee.

  5. Members have the right to vote for a maximum of 25 Executive Committee members respecting the fact that the President and the 6 Vice-presidents are de facto members of the Executive Committee.

Election of the Secretary Treasurer.

  1. After being elected by the General Assembly, the president proposes to the Executive committee his/her candidate(s) for the position of the Secretary Treasurer.

  2. The Executive Committee Members will look for a consensus. If not, the new elected Executive Committee will vote for the candidates. If the candidate(s) is (are) member of the Executive Committee, he/she (they) has (have) no right to vote. The candidate with the highest number of votes will be elected as Secretary Treasurer. In case of a tie, the Presidium decides.

Business voting.

  1. If the work of the General Assembly or the Executive Committee requires a voting (other than the elections) the following procedure will be followed: (a) the meeting shall first strive for a consensus, (b) three votes for each Institutional Member and one vote for each Personal Member and Honorary Member present at the meeting, (c) proxy with appropriate authority may be used.

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