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Information about the history, structure and constitution of IASI is available in Italian and also from the Instituto Andaluz del Deporte (Unisport) (in Spanish)

For more information contact IASI's Secretariat at:

IASI c/o "L'ESPACE DU 27 SEPTEMBRE" 4e etage, Boulevard Leopold II, 44, 1080 - Brussels, BELGIUM

Phone: 02-413 28 93
Fax: 02-413 28 90

Affiliations blackball The International council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE-UNESCO)
blackball International organisations and institutions in the field of documentation such as the International Federation for Documentation (FID), International Standards Organisations (ISO)
blackball In 1994, IASI was recognised by the International Olympic committee (IOC)
Membership Up until the 1980's IASI was mainly a European organisation. Today IASI is a worldwide organisation with members in more than 60 countries including the areas of North America, Latin america, Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania. You can join IASI by completing and returning this membership application form
Major policies
towards 2000
Exchange of experience and know how through:
Development of
important databases
blackball Further development of the Sport-IASI database as the major English language database
blackball collaboration with other databases
blackball Encouragement of coordination between databases
blackball Oceania
blackball Sportcom
Development of work
at a regional level
blackball Encouragement of existing regional networks
blackball Stimulating the establishement of regional networks based on geographic or linguistic grounds
blackball Encouraging the development of new ways and means to integrate developing countries into the work of IASI
Collaboration with other
blackball To provide expertise to the sports scientific community through ICSSPE
blackball To provide the world of sport with adequate information especially through the collaboration with the IOC
blackballTo collaborate with specialised organisations such as ENSSHE, the FID and the ISO
Services and products blackball Regular meetings for information expertise
blackball Scientific Congresses
blackball Workshops on specific subjects
blackball The English Sport-IASI database
blackball Newsletter
blackball IASI Internet Listserv
blackball Manual for developing countries
blackball World Directory of Sports Information Centres
blackball Lists of Sports Periodicals and Audio Materials
Upcoming Conferences
blackball 11th IASI World Congress
Sports Information in the 3rd Millennium
April 25-27, 2001
Lausanne, Switzerland
Contact: Quai d'Ouchy 1
P.O. Box 1001
Lausanne, Switzerland
Tel: (4121) 621 65 11
Fax: (4121) 621 65 12

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