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IASI Listserv

What is the IASI Listserv

The IASI listserv, IASI-L, is the medium IASI members and other interested persons use to exchange ideas, receive information about IASI, raise issues, ask questions, and seek information about available sport resources. IASI-L is also utilized to distribute the online edition of the IASI Newsletter and other regional newsletters. Occasionally lists of duplicate sport resources a documentation centre would like to distribute are announced via IASI-L. Interested persons are welcome to join IASI-L.

How to Join IASI-L

If you are not a list member and wish to become one, please click on: Join or Leave the List and follow the instructions on this page.

How to Use IASI-L

List Members who wish to send a message to IASI-L can use the following email address:

List members may also Search the IASI-L Archives to find past messages and distributed documents.

If you know of any problem or change concerning your address or your mail server, please advise the list owner as soon as possible. Problems (permanent or temporary) and changes can cause difficulties to the list maintenance.

Ayala Maharik
Wingate Institute Israel
List Owner


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