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International Olympic Committee (IOC)


In 1994, IASI was acknowledged as a Recognized Organization by the IOC. IASI and the IOC's NOC Relations Department have worked closely on a number of projects, the latest of which is the World Directory of Sport Documentation Centres and Experts

International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education / Conseil International pour l'Education Physique et la Science du Sport (ICSSPE/CIEPSS)


IASI is a member of ICSSPE's Association Board, which is composed of 18 organizations. The IASI Publications Officer is a member of ICSSPE's Editorial Board.
IASI has participated in ICSSPE-sponsored Pre-Olympic Scientific Congress in 1996 and 2001. In 2004, IASI members will organize a Cyber Café for Congress participants.


IASI was created upon the recommendation of UNESCO in 1960

The European Network of Sport Sciences in Higher Education (ENSSHE/REISS)


IASI's President is working with ENSSHE /REISS in developing a European sport network.

European Association for Sport Management (EASM)


IASI maintains regular contacts with EASM and is working with them in developing a European sport network.

International Committee for Sports Statistics (COMPASS)


COMPASS is a network of sports statisticians working on establishing statistics gathering standards, for example, the standards for collecting participation statistics in Europe. The group0 has held three international workshops. Coordinated data and copies of the workshop proceedings are available through the website, http://www.sportcompass.net/
For further information contact, Bruno Rossi-Mori at Email:


International Association of Computer Science in Sport (IACSS)


In October 2005, IASI and IACSS signed a Letter of Agreement with the cooperative mandate to provide information and serve the educational and research needs of sport organizations, sport administrators, teachers, coaches, and sport science researchers. See the IACSS website, http://www.iacss.org/ to access their newsletter and information on their international conferences.


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