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Legal Notice/Copyright

Non-Responsibility Clause

  • The information published on this website is subject to a non-responsibility clause and is protected by copyright.
  • IASI has created this site to provide information about its internal activities and the important aspects of the sport information and documentation. The objective is to publish updated and validated information, so any errors are unintentional and can be immediately corrected.
  • IASI does not assume any responsibility for the documents published on this site

The main objectives of this website are to:

  • give general information about IASI activities, officers and members and not information about a specific person or entity
  • provide a starting point for research and resources that will not necessarily be exhaustive
  • refer to external websites where IASI has no control and for which IASI accepts no liability
  • provide citations, references and information provided that shall not constitute legal advice (specific advice should be sought from a qualified professional person)


  • Shall not be, in any case, responsible for any damage of any nature that could result from problems with the use or access to the website or for any loss or loss of benefit that could result from the available information on this site, whatever could be the origin of the information or problem.
  • Shall not be, in any case, responsible for any damage of any nature resulting from the interpretation or the use of the information available on the site
  • Shall not be responsible for the opinions that could be expressed in the texts published on the site that commit only their authors.

IASI reserves the right to modify or correct its website content at any time without notice

This present non-responsibility and disclaimer clause is not intended to limit the liability of IASI in contravention of any requirements laid down in applicable national law nor to exclude is liability for matters which may not be excluded under that law.


© IASI 1997-2004
  • The text and graphics, their presentation and their assembly on this website are the exclusive property of IASI. They constitute works and are protected by the rules relating to copyright.
  • IASI is a trademark that is registered in The Netherlands.
  • While using this website or one of its elements, you accept the present licence conceded by IASI that confers to an individual user:
    • a right of private use, individual, personal and nontransmissible on the contents of the site or one of its elements;
    • a reproduction right for storage for purposes of representation on a screen standalone and reproduction, in a specimen, or keeping a backup copy on paper.
  • Without authorization express of IASI, it is forbidden to use any representation or reproduction, even partial, from the contents of this site or the one of its elements, in particular:
    • with a commercial purpose;
    • in a data-processing environment or network by the means of links.
    • Are thus prohibited the presentation of a page of this site in a window not belonging to IASI (by the technique known as " framing ") and the insertion of an image belonging to IASI in a page not belonging to IASI (by the technique known as " in line linking ");
    • the repeated and systematic extraction of elements not protected from the site that may cause an unspecified injury to IASI
  • IASI reserves the right to modify these conditions at any time.
  • All the rights which are not expressly conceded under this present statement are reserved by IASI

Requests and enquiries regarding reuse should be directed to:

Copyright IASI

Gretchen Ghent, Librarian Emeritus
University of Calgary Law Library
2500 University Dr. NW
Calgary, Alberta Canada T2N 1 N4
Tel: 403-220-6097 FAX: 403-282-6837


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