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Projects & Programs

Share the Knowlege Project

The Share the Knowledge Program is a joint project with a goal to distribute sport science, physical education and sport books to institutions that do not have the financial resources to buy them.   Human Kinetics Publishers (HKP) is donating books that are not fit for resale (but are highly usable) to institutes in developing countries who are in need of literature for study, research and practical work in sport science, physical education, sport and fitness. The program is organized by the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE), supported by the International Association for Sport Information with financial support for the transport of the books provided by the International Olympic Committee.  

Consult the following three documents for detailed information on the project, including which institutions are eligible to apply for books, what institutions have received books and the form where the applicant can indicate the resources needed.

Share the Knowledge General Information
Share the Knowledge Recipient List 2005
Share the Knowledge Application Form

IASI Support for Sport Information Workshops and Projects

IASI encourages members to provide leadership and support sport information initiatives, including projects, workshops, sport information educational sessions and other research activity that is in accordance with the current goals, aims and tasks of the Association.

The International Association for Sports Information is committed to support its members through, inter alia, assistance in the organisation of events. The Executive Committee is committed to increase IASI's visibility on international, regional and national levels. In order to effectively co-operate with its members and partners, IASI has set itself a number of guiding principles, which apply when the Executive Committee decides on applications for financial support. These principles are reflected in the categories on the form below and stem from Articles 105 to 112, part H of the IASI By-Laws.

See the following documents:

Application for Financial Support Guidelines General Principles (pdf format)
Application for Financial Support Application Form (Word document format)
Application for Financial Support Application Form (pdf format)

International Indexing Contributor's Project and Rewards

IASI is a partner with SIRC: Sport Research, the producer of the international sport database, SPORTDiscus. For many decades IASI members have been encouraged to contribute unique sport records to the database. Australia's National Sport Information Centre, France's contributions via their sport sciences database Heracles, the Amateur Athletic Foundation of Los Angeles and the IOC's Olympic Studies Centre are presently contributors along with individuals in various countries. The richness and comprehensiveness of the database depends on these contributors.

SIRC holds workshops on indexing usually at the annual meetings or by special arrangement. In addition a number of products are available to the indexer, the Thesaurus and the Technical Manual and other rewards. See the following sections of SIRC website for further information:

Contributor Agreement
Minimum Requirements for Contributions to SPORTDiscus.


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