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Congress Proceedings (pre-1997)

1993 - 9th, Rome

Sports Information in the Nineties, 9th Scientific Congress of the International Association for Sports Information. Rome, Scuola dell Sport, 1993.

The unpublished papers from this congress are indexed in SPORTDiscus and available from SIRC's SPORTExpress service. To find all 55 papers and two abstract volumes, use the search phrase: 9th 1993 Rome in CN (the field tag for conferences).

1985 - 8th Dresden

Bericht: VIII Internationaler Kongress fuer Sportinformation 15-18.10.1985, Dresden - DDR. Berlin: Wissenschaftlicher Rat beim Staassekretariat fuer Koerperkultur und Sport, 1986, 161 p.

Available at SIRC, Completely analysed in SPORTDiscus and available via SPORTExpress service (9 papers in English; 16 in German.

1981 - 7th Snagov

The Proceedings were not published.

1977 - 6th Duisburg

Sportinformation in Theorie und Praxis: VI. Internationaler Kongress fur Sportinformation, 31 Mai bis 4. Juni 1977 in Duisburg / von der International Association for Sports Information (IASI), Bundesinstitut fuer Sportwissenschaft: redaktion, Werner Kloock. Schorndorf: Verlag Karl Hofmann, 1978. 338 p. (Schriftenreihe des Bundesinstituts fuer Sportwissenschaft, Bd. 21)

Available in selected libraries, e.g. University of Illinois, BISp

1975 - 5th Graz

Kreative Sportinformatik: der International Jubilaeums-Kongress 1975 in Graz, ed by Recla, Josef and Timmer, Rob. Schorndorf: Verlag Karl Hofmann, 1976 151p. ISBN 3778038710 (Schriftenreihe des Bundesinstituts fuer Sportwissenschaft, Bd. 10)

Available in selected libraries, e.g. McMaster University, University of Oregon, International Budo University, BISp


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