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About IASI

Regional Groups & Networks

A.S.I.A. (Asian Sports Information Association)

Contact: (Temporarily Suspended)

  • Published the Asian Sports Information Association Preparatory Committee Bulletin


AUSPIN (Australasian Sport Information Network)

Contact: Gavin Reynolds, National Sport Information Centre

  • Maintains the AUSPIN-l listserv for Australia/NZ members
  • Maintains the AUSPIN website


IASI - Europe

Contact: Andrei Teodorescu, Romania, Ministry of Youth and Sport

  • Maintains a listserv for European members


NASLIN (North American Sport Library Network)

Contact: Gretchen Ghent, Chair

  • Publishes, NASLINE Online, newsletter of the North American Sport Library Network.


NORSIB (Nordic Committee for Sport Libraries)

Contact Person: Mirja Laitinen, University of Jyväskyla

  • Maintains the NORSIB website with information on sport libraries in the Nordic countries
  • Maintains the NORSIB listserv


SPORTCOM (Asociación Iberoamericana de Información Deportiva)

Contact: (Temporarily suspended)


SPRIG (Sport & Recreation Information Group)

Contact: Chair, Martin Scarrott, Academic Services Manager, Information Services, St. Mary's College, University of Surrey, Email:

  • Maintains the SPRIG listserv and website
  • Publishes the SPRIG Bulletin (print format)
  • Published the Directory of Periodicals in Sport and Recreation, 3rd ed, 1996


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